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General knowledge Sports related for all kinds of competitive exams

Questions: Who was known as ‘Black pearl of Football’?
Answers: Pele, Brazilian soccer / football player. born in 1940,
Questions: Who was Pele?
Answers: Brazilian soccer / football player.
Questions: Who was known as Ebony Antelope?
Answers: Jesse Owens.
Questions: Where Jesse Owens was born?
Answers: Alabama.
Question: Who was the first player to reach 3,000 hits in baseball ?
Answer: Cap Anson.
Question: Who was the youngest player to hit 500 home runs ?
Answer: Jimmie Foxx
Question: Who was the first pitcher to record 300 career saves ?
Answer: Rollie Fingers.
Question: FIFA was founded in which year ?
Answer: FIFA was founded on 21 May 1904.
Question: Which is not a Football Confederation under FIFA ?
Answer: BFC
Question: The “FIFA World Cup All-Time Team” squad published by FIFA in
Answer: 1994.
Questions: When Jesse Owens was born?
Answers: September 12, 1913,
Questions: Whose nick name was ‘Tiger of Sports’?
Answers: Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi
Questions: World Cup football was not held during the years.
Answers: 1942,1946
Questions: The award given to the best goal keeper in world cup football.
Answers: Yashin Award
Questions: The largest football tournament in India.
Answers: Santosh Trophy
Questions: COPA America Cup is related to:
Answers: Football.
Questions: Who is widely considered the greatest batsman of all time?
Answers: Don Bradman.
Questions: The first to score triple century in Test cricket:
Answers: Don Bradman.
Questions: The fastest century in test cricket by:
Answers: Vivian Richards.
Questions: Who was known as ‘Hockey wizard’?
Answers: Major Dhyan Chand.
Questions: Whose nick name is ‘Payyoli express’?
Answers: PT Usha.
Questions: The winners of the first Twenty-20 cricket tournament:
Answers: India.
Questions: India won the 1983 Cricket World Cup
Answers: by 43 runs.
Questions: Who was the captain of the West Indies team when India become the winners of 1983 Cricket World Cup?
Answers: Clyve Lioyd
Questions: The two year interval between Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics was instituted in the year:
Answers: 1992
Questions: What is Ranji Trophy?
Answers: A trophy, instituted in 1934, that is awarded to the national cricket champions of India.
Questions: When Ranji Trophy was introduced?
Answers: 1934.
Questions: Which country hosted the Asian Games most number of times?
Answers: Thailand.
Questions: When was the first national games held?
Answers: 1985.
Questions: The first Afro-Asian Games was held in 2003 in:
Answers: Hyderabad.
Questions: The term ‘Bull’s eye’ is related to:
Answers: Shooting.
Questions: The highest award given in the field of sports in India.
Answers: Khel Ratna Award.
Questions: Which is known as ‘the kning of sports’?
Answers: Horse racing.
Questions: The city in India famous for sports goods:
Answers: Jallandur.
Questions: National Sports Institute of India is named after:
Answers: Netaji Shubhas Bose.
Question: The “Uber Cup” is related to which sports ?
Answer: Badminton.
Question: How many players do play in a Kabaddi game ?
Answer: 7
Question: Which country won the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup
Answer: Pakistan.
Question: The International Olympic Committee was founded in which year ?
Answer: 1894.
Question: Where is the Headquarters of Badminton World Federation ?
Answer: Malaysia.
Question: In which year, Badminton was included in Asia cup ?
Answer: 1992
Question: What should be the height of badminton net at the edges ?
Answer: 1.55 metres
Question: The badminton birdie is also known by another less used name which is what ?
Answer: Shuttlecock.
Question: Official badminton plays with how point rally scoring system ?
Answer: 21.
Question: Which is the Highest governing body of Cricket ?
Answer: International Cricket Council.
Question: Between which teams the first official international cricket match played ?
Answer: United States and Canada
Question: The total height of the wicket including bails is
Answer: 28.5 inches
Question: According to Laws of Cricket, the circumference of the ball should be equal to
Answer: 9 inches
Question: Which is not a way of batsman being out
Answer: Side out.
Question: What is the elaboration form of the Abbreviate word FIFA?
Answer: Federation Internationale de Football Association It is the international governing body of association football.
Question: Which of the given country belongs to FIFA ?
Answer: Macau
Note: Only 9 sovereign entities don”t belong to FIFA (Monaco, Vatican City, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Palau, Nauru and South Sudan).

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