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Medical College Admission Information


§  SSC & HSC obtained total GPA must be 8.00 (Minimum GPA 3.5 in SSC or HSC).
§  Examination will be of 200 marks.
i.            GPA in SSC x 8 = 40
ii.            GPA in HSC x 12 = 60
iii.            Total = 100

§  Written MCQ = 100
i.            Biology = 30
ii.            Chemistry = 25
iii.            Physics = 20
iv.            English = 15
v.            General Knowledge = 10
vi.            Total = 100

§  80% merit quota & 20% district quota for candidate selection.
§  According to merit list & candidate's choice, candidates will get the chance of getting admission in medical college.
§  Admission form processing, scrutinizing & result finally should be done by computer. SIF form & answer sheet will be examined by OMR machine.
§  Admission form will be available from the medical colleges for Tk. 520 (Non-refundable). Form should be submitted to same centre of collection.

A.    Following documents should be attached with application form
·         Attested copies of mark sheets of SSC & HSC or equivalent exams.
·         Attested copies of testimonial of SSC & HSC or equivalent exams.
·         For district quota, attested certificate from ward Commissioner of city corporation/chairman of municipality/chairman of union perished.
·         4 (four) copies P.P. size attested photo.
·         For tribal quota, attested certificate from district deputy commissioners & head of tribe & for non-tribal & quota seat, attested certificate from district deputy commissioner about district tribe & tribal characteristics.
·         For freedom fighter quota, attested copy of govt. certificate
·         Incomplete or false information based application will be cancelled & admission result will be cancelled if any false information is further found in case of selected candidate. Incomplete application form is not granted in any case.
·         Total 2360 student will get admission. 175 seats in each older 8 (eight) medical colleges 125 seats in next 4 (four) medical colleges, 100 in 2 (two) & 50 in 4 (four) medical colleges. Besides 20 seats for tribal students & 40 seats for offspring’s of freedom fighters.
·         Student of HSC/others of various boards can collect & submit form in any medical college of their choice. But to avoid excess pressure in DMC, SSMC & ShSMC, only students of Dhaka board are allowed to collect & submit form in these centers. Rather, students passed from Dhaka board can also collect & submit form besides these centers according to their wish.
·         Students who passed O-level/A-level or from other international boards must to convert their result from Health Service Department situated at Mohakhali, Dhaka. All the other conditions are same for English medium.

Process of Result conversion: (for English medium)
For ‘O’ Level:
Grade point summation of best five subjects will be divided by 5 to calculate GPA.
For ‘A’ Level:

Grade point summation of Physics, Chemistry & Biology will be divided by 3 to calculate GPA. Here the process of conversion:

English Medium
National Curriculum
A/ (80-100) %
B/ (70-79) %
C/ (60-69) %
GPA 3.5
D/ (50-59) %

Additional subject’s grade point (deducting 2 from obtained grade) will be added only for the curriculum board of India & Nepal.

No additional or fourth subject grade will be added in case of Oxford or Cambridge board.

Score of Previous Years in Medical Admission Test:

o    Session 2010-2011:
o    Date of admission: 22 October’2010
o    Highest score in national merit: 187.00
o    Lowest score in DMC: 158.25
o    Lowest score in Government medical: 146.75

o    Session 2009-2010:
o    Date of admission: 09 October’2009
o    Highest score in national merit: 174.00
o    Lowest score in DMC: 163.75
o    Lowest score in Government medical: 153.50

o    Session 2008-2009:
o    Date of admission: 07 November’2008
o    Highest score in national merit: 184.50
o    Lowest score in DMC: 169.00
o    Lowest score in Government medical: 151.25
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