Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Build Your Career . . .: Preliminary Medical Test || Tips and Introduction

*Many people can not pass the preli medical checkup simply
because they have knock-knee (knees touch each other when someone stands
straight keeping their feet in V shape) or flat foot.

will also get out because they have hernia or piles.
*If your hands sweat more than normal you will not get a
chance to be in BMA (hands will be checked in the Final Medical Checkup after
*You can do nothing about piles, flat foot and hernia. If
you have these, then I’m sorry to tell you that you are not cut out to be an
army officer. Don’t be disheartened.
*If you have knock-knee then try to take a tight pillow
between your legs/knees whenever you go to sleep. I’ve “heard” that this helps
to increase the gap between two knees.
*If you have sweaty hands then please consult a doctor now.
It’s a serious problem for BMA cadets.
*If you are overweight you will not get selected. Please try
to control your diet and start working out now. Even if you don’t get selected,
remember that health is wealth.
*If you wear spectacles, be sure to “bring them with you”.
Otherwise you will not get selected.
*More than half of the applicants can not pass preli medical
checkup because they have the mentioned problems. I hope that you will pass
this checkup.

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