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IELTS 2014 Top Tips for Speaking Test

1. To prepare for the IELTS Speaking test, spend as much time as you can practicing speaking English. Speak with friends, work colleagues, other IELTS students, or online with chat. Record yourself speaking sample answers to IELTS questions so you feel confident about answering them.

2. The IELTS examiner evaluates your ability to express your ideas and opinions in English. There is no right answer or wrong answer, just concentrate on expressing yourself well in English.

3. Think of the IELTS Speaking Interview as a conversation. Relax, give your opinions and views as if you were talking with a friend and try to speak naturally.

4. Try and avoid using the same words the examiner used in the question: it’s not natural repeating them, so don’t do it. The examiner is interested in your ability to express yourself in English NOT how well you can listen and repeat.

5. Don’t get nervous. Avoid trying to speak to quickly, just relax, breathe naturally, and try to speak at a normal speed – it will give you more time to think about what you want to say.

6. Try to answer the questions naturally. When it’s appropriate, give as much detail as possible using you own experience and some examples. Try to develop your answer fully to cover all the points mentioned.

7. Listen to the questions carefully in the IELTS Speaking Test and try to respond using the same verb tense. For example: What kind of movies do you like? (present tense). You should answer using the present tense first, for example, I like action movies best..., and then use appropriate tenses as you develop your response, for example, I used to like comedies a lot …

8. Pronunciation is important! If you have problems with certain words or numbers, practice pronouncing them until you can say them correctly.

9. Be careful with advanced or specialized vocabulary. Advanced vocabulary is important for a high IELTS Speaking score, but make sure you can use it correctly. If you are not sure, use more common vocabulary instead. The IELTS Speaking Test is NOT the place to experiment with vocabulary you’ve just learned.

10. In the second part of the IELTS Speaking Test, the examiner gives you a card with the task and a piece of paper to make notes. There is one minute preparation time before you have to answer. Think about points you want to include in your answer and make notes. Note the tense used in the question and respond appropriately.

11. Answer each question completely, and if appropriate, give examples and reasons for your answer in as much detail as possible so that the examiner can fully understand what you want to say.

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