Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Introduce & Rewards || Joining Defence As an Comissioned Officer

If you love a lot of money in your hand, then Army is not
your dream job. Just like any other government job it pays less “in cash”. But
there are thousands of other benefits and privileges which you and your family
members can enjoy (much more than any other government job).

1. The honor in serving MY country:
I don’t know about you, but whenever I think that a military person has the
unique privilege of fighting and dying for its country, my respect for this job
increases. The honor of a martyr is immense even in the eyes of the Almighty


Early establishment: Early
establishment plays a huge role in choosing this occupation.

Through this profession, one can get the earliest establishment in legal way.
Think of it like this, when your friends are just a second year graduate
student of some university, you are a first class gadgeted officer. People will
come to you to attest their certificates when you are just 20-21!


Salary: You will get a basic
salary from 6800-23000 Tk (excluding all the vats and bonuses) according to
your rank. You will earn 2900 Tk each month during your stay at BMA as a cadet.
You will not receive any vats in BMA but you will receive eid bonuses. Moreover
you will get a lot of money whenever you will go on a mission.


Higher education: All cadets must
complete his/her B.Sc. or B.A. degree while they are in BMA. An eligible army
officer has the opportunity to get even higher education in BUET, IBA or MIST.
You can get a MBA after you join the armed forces. You can also get higher
education in abroad (all expenses paid by the army) if you are a deserving


Foreign trip: You can get the
chance to visit foreign countries (missions) more than once.


Rations: you will get the best
rations for free (or for a very small price).


Medical Facilities: you will get
the best treatment, when needed, in the CMH or in abroad. Your family members
can also enjoy this much needed privilege.


Housing: you will be living in a
quarter/mess in a beautiful cantonment campus. You can also get a plot/flat in
the DOHS for a “little effort”.

you will be living your dream, your ambition if you are an army officer. When
you will get selected, believe it or not, your parents will cry in joy.
Whenever they will introduce you to others, they will feel very proud to be
your parents and you will be happy also.

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