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ISSB || Day 1 in Details

You have to be very careful at each and every step of ISSB
as you will be constantly monitored- day and night.

          The moment you step inside ISSB,
forget everything you have learnt or hoped to see before. ISSB is a whole new
world and you have to spend 4 days here and Win the green card.

*Behave well.

*Be serious.

*Stand straight.

*Don’t stand putting pressure on one foot.

*Don’t stand putting your hands on your waist.

*Don’t tie your hands in front of your chest.

*Don’t talk while you are out of your dormitory (level 2 and 3).

*Remember that everyone in the ISSB notes your behavior, including waiters,
cooks and staffs.

*Don’t call the staffs “SIR”.

*Look straight at the speakers eyes.

*Don’t move.

*Ask questions only when the staff/officer has finished his speech.

*Talking in the dining room is strictly prohibited.

          After you check in ISSB you will be
sent to the recreation room where you will temporarily leave your luggage. Then
you will be given a chest number and sent to the dining room. While in the
dining room eat quickly and don’t talk while you eat.

IQ Test and the First Screening
After that you will be sent to the testing hall about 600
meters away from the dormitory. Don’t talk while you are walking. In the
testing hall your IQ test will take place. Before each test a long brief will
be given to you. Listen to the brief very carefully. IQ test is very important.
You have to practice to pass this test. At first you will be given 38 matrices
and you will have to complete it within 22 minutes. Then you will be given 100
IQ questions and the time for this will be around 28 to 30 minutes.

*Use a red sign pen to circle faster.

*Don’t get stuck on one question. Always look for the next one. Always try out
the next one.

*Be fast and accurate.

After the exam result will be published within 1 hour. You
will be given snacks in the mean time. Those who will fail the IQ test will be
SCREENED OUT and send to home after lunch.

PPDT and the Second Screening

Those who will pass the IQ test will sit on the testing hall
once again. Now the PPDT (picture perception and description test) exam will
take place. Listen to the brief carefully. PPDT is a very important exam. If
you can pass this exam you will earn the right to stay 4 days in ISSB. But if
you fail it, you will be SCREANED OUT and sent to home after lunch.
PPDT has two parts. One is Story Writing and the other is
Discussion. In the story writing test a very hazy/unclear picture will be shown
to you for 30 seconds. Then you will start writing the story. The story has 3

1. Character Identification: in this box you will have to write the
number of characters in this section. You have to write AGE, SEX, MODE of each
character. The time for this is 30 seconds.

2. Action: in this box you will have to write the action of the
story/character in one or two lines. This will indicate the total idea of the
things happening in the whole picture. Time for this is 30 seconds.

3. Story: in this section you will have to write a story matching the
picture. You will get 180 seconds for this test.

*listen to the brief carefully. Duration
of the tests may change. The conducting officer will show you how to write the

*stories should be constructive. Try to avoid negative ending.

*it is better to give a title and a moral to the story.

*there must be logic of your story.

After completing the story you will be divided into temporary groups and sent
to different huts to discuss the story.

*listen to the brief.

*speak loud and clearly.

*first read out your script thoroughly.

*then show logic behind your story and try to convince others.

*don’t be aggressive.

*don’t criticize others.

*If anyone writes a better story than yours then give credit to him.

*If the conducting officer asks you to come to a conclusion then you must come
to a conclusion via discussing with others.

*sit straight.

*don’t look at the officers while discussing.

*speak in English.

After this discussion you will be sent to the dining hall
and you will have your lunch. Then you will go to the recreation room and the
result of the PPDT will be announced. Those who will be screened out will leave
ISSB. And those who will pass it will be allowed to stay at the ISSB for 4
days. Congratulations!

In the tea break you will be given a short bio-data form
which you will have to fill up. Then you will be divided into groups and sent
to different rooms. A group photo will be taken.

Psychology Test:

In the afternoon you will be sent to the testing hall and
your psychology test will take place. It is a long test which will take up to 5
hours to finish.

In the word association (sentence making) test you will have
to write 80 sentences. You will receive 10 seconds for each sentence. 60 words
will be in English and 20 will be in Bengali. These words will be shown to you
through a projector. Write positive sentences. Don’t write imperative
sentences. Don’t give advice to the teacher writing sentences like “You should
not lie”, instead write “lying is a sin”. Don't break the serial. If you miss a
word then leave a blank space. Listen to the brief.

Same goes for the sentence completing tent. Don’t write
those sentences which reflect your negative/bad mentality.

In the story writing test, write positive stories with a
moral and a title. Listen to the brief carefully.

You will have to fill up 2 thorough bio data. You should
know about your relatives thoroughly.

You will have to write your positive and negative qualities.
You will have to write your most memorable and most bitter experiences. You
will have to write 2 paragraphs. So prepare for it.

After the long test is complete, you will be sent to the
dining hall. After finishing dinner you will gather in the recreation room. The
brief about the next days programs will be given to you.

After everything is over, you will have to go to your room
and switch off the lights before the given time (maybe around 10.30 – 11.00 for
the first night). Don’t walk in the corridor randomly after the “lights off”

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