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Looking for Jobs in Australia- Tips and hints


We have at Singapore Club in Australia has received many enquiries about
looking for job in Australia most of the questions are really similar
in nature.. so heres' some of the commonly asked questions and our
replies. This page will also be updated as necessary.. some details have
been omitted to maintain the privacy of our members...

Q:  I graduate from xxx university in Singapore, with a bachelor degree
and xx years work experience, do i stand a chance to be hired firms out
there in Australia?

A: Most employer look for educaton as well as experience, I would say
your xx years of experience will be very valuable to many potential

Q: Normally for migrants, do they obtain their work visa first or they
go for job interview first? Do they stand a chance of being sponsored by
the company for their work visa?

A: Most of us quit our come to come here to find new jobs, however, we
have heard of few lucky fellow Singaporeans (Not Aussie PR yet) being
offered a job in Australia. The company sponser them because of shortage
of skilled workers like engineers, doctors, nurses etc.

So far wat we can see is pple get sponsered here because: 
  • Either their co in singapore has a branch and they come here because of internal trannsfer.
  • They are in demand skills, apply for job in sg, and co sponser them
    to come to australia so far i heard IT and mining industry do that.
    (Therefore you can try your luck try applying now see wat happens! you
    will never know!)
Q: Usually for migrants, do they apply for a job thru agents? Or really
they need to be landed in Australia before any job hunting can be done?
A: You can do it any way, really no harm trying to apply in Singapore
first or go thru agent. From my experience,  either go thru agent or
direct apply to company will do.. .  But direct apply to co you have a
better chance as there's one layer of screening to bypass. As I have
said earlier, my experience is i found job while physically in Australia
but I also know of people who found job in Singapore and got the co to
sponser them here. But i would say 80% of us can only find job in
Australia, the rest of the 20% are just lucky to find aussie job in

Website to start looking for jobs:

Typical Jobs sites:

Government job search -

CareerOne - Job Search - Australian jobs - Job listing - Find a job - CareerOne

Seek - SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site

We also recommend directly applying to Australia companies... we think
you get higher chance as you bypass 1 layer of screening (agents) go to
their website to apply directly:

A useful list of Aussie Companies based in Australia is here:


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