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Model Questions of English 2nd Paper Model Question for Grade-IX

Class -IX
Subject : English 2nd Paper

Time : 3 hrs.                                                                                                                             Marks  100
Part - A : Grammar

1.         Complete
the passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct
tenses. Use negatives if necessary. You may use the same verb more than
once.                                                                 1x5=5


Mr. Bahar is a reporter of the Bangladesh Observer. Once he (a)                       to a flood affected area. He (b)             the area to see the condition of the flood striken people. There he (c)             a flood victim. He said to the man, "Have you (d)                           any relief goods ? "The man replied that he did (e)                     anything.

2.         Here is a part of a letter written by a boy to his friend from Dhaka. Put in suitable prepositions in the blanks.                                                                                                                                           1x5=5
            Take my cordial love (a)                        the very outset. You know the serious consequences of abstaining (b)               classes
day after day. You also know that those who are not attending classes
regularly cannot follow the lectures and so, find no interest (c)                      studies. As such they engage themselves (d)                  mass copying in the examination. One crime begets another and so they commit crime having been entangled (e)                    so many immoral activities in the society.

3.         Use articles where necessary. Put a cross where no article is needed.                             .5x10=5          
Gardening means cultivation of flowers on (a)                 plot of land. It is (b)                  good pastime. Some people take gardening as (c)                                     hobby. In out country (d)                      rainy season is (e)                     best time to lay out the garden. At this time soil remains (f)                soft and can be prepared easily for putting up plants. (g)                        weather is suitable for vegetation. During this season anyone can set about (h)                gardening with ease and pleasure. It provides diversion from the monotonous routine work. When (i)                  flowers bloom, the garden becomes (j)                      sight to see.

4.         Fill in the blanks with suitable linking words from the list.                                                            1x5=5

As well as
As soon as

Liberty has to be obtained by way of long drawn struggle (a)                  even a bloody war. But (b)                               it
is achieved, the struggle or the war ends. Then comes the question of
maintaining the liberty earned at the great cost and sacrifice. But to
maintain the liberty of a nation is a very difficult task. It is even
more difficult (e)                          to achieve it. National liberty in the true sense means (d)                 political and economic liberty (e)                       freedom from poverty and illiteracy.

5.         Complete the following sentences with the phrases or idioms from the list.                      1x5=5

Few and far between
call to mind
dead against
end in smoke
by virtue of
at times
yield up

(a)        We                    our position to the enemy.
(b)        Tyrants are                    democracy.
(c)        She could not                            what I told her.
(d)        All her efforts have                                .
(e)                                            he loses his temper.

6.         Add tag questions to the following sentences.                                                                1x5=5

            (a)        We should not pollute the water,                                    ?
            (b)        Fishes swim,                              ?
            (c)        I have not done my home work,                                     ?
            (d)        Give me a book,                                    ?
            (e)        It's no good,                              ?

7.         Complete the sentences .                                                                                                          1x5=5

            (a)        Wait here till                             .
            (b)        He was glad when                                .
            (c)        They won the game because                             .
            (d)        If you move an inch,                              .
            (e)        As Soon as they arrived                                    .

8.         Complete
the passage with suitable words from the list. You can use one word
more than once both in the given or derivative forms.                                                                                                           .5x10=5


Liberty does not (a)                   on people; people must (b)                   themselves to it. It is a fruit that must be (c)                    before it can be (d)                  .
That freedom means freedom only from foreign (e)______is an out-worn
idea. It is not merely government that should be (f)______, but people
themselves should be free. And no (g)                    has any real (h)                     for the common people (i)                     it also (j)______freedom from want, disease and ignorance.

Part - B : Composition

9.         Write a paragraph on how to learn English. Your paragraph should include the answers of the following questions.                                                                                                                                    

            a)         What is the importance of English ?
            b)         What are the procedures of learning English ?
            c)         How to develop listening English ?
            d)         How to develop writing and speaking English ?
            e)         How to develop communicating English?

10.       You
are a student and you have selected your future career to reach your
goal. Write a short Composition about the career you have selected ?                                                                                            15

11.       Imagine
that you have no tube-well in your locality. So, the people of your
locality have to drink impure water which causes diseases. Write an
application to the chairman of your Union Parishad requesting him to
sanction a tube-well in your locality.                                                                                                             10

12.       Illiteracy
is one of the serious problems of Bangladesh. Now write a dialogue
between yourself and your friend on how to eradicate illiteracy from
Bangladesh.                                                                              10

13.       Read the following outlines and develop them into a complete story.                               15

            Once there was an old king                                not like physical labour                                      he grew bulky                          called in a doctor                                  followed the doctor's advice                              the bulky king got cured.

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