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Sample Questions of Masters in Development Management and Practice (MDMP)

Masters in Development Management and Practice


Relevant Information, Instructions and Sample Questions

This test for 110 minutes consists of four (4) sections and carries 100 marks as follows: (All sections must be answered).

Suggested Time
30 Minutes
Logical Reasoning & General knowledge
20 Minutes
English-Language & Reasoning
45 Minutes
Writing Ability
15 Minutes

110 Minutes

       You will receive an instruction sheet (1) a question set and (2) an answer book. You can use the blank space of the question set for calculation of mathematical problems.
       Each section has its own answer sheet in the answer book. Answer the multiple choice questions on the answer book by putting a cross (X) in the appropriate box. Do not put more than one cross (X) for an answer as it will be considered a wrong answer. Do not answer any multiple choice question on the question set.

       You may use the blank spaces of the question set for rough work. Do not use any other paper for rough work.
        You may use pencil for rough work but final answers must be in ink (ballpoint or fountain pen).

        You may use non-programmable calculator.

        You are requested to obey the instructions given below:

a)      Keep absolute silence during the whole course of examination.
b)      Do not communicate with other candidates in any manner.
c)      Do not copy from any source.

       Failure to follow the above instructions may lead to cancellation of your answer script.

Sample Question

Section 1: Mathematics

Marks- 40 (20 Questions)                           Suggested Time- 30 Minutes

       A student obtained an average mark of 70 from 5 class test. How much must she get in the next test if

she wants to improve her average by 5 marks?

a)  100
b) 75
c) 30
e) 80

Section 2: Logical Reasoning & General Knowledge

Marks- 20 (10 Questions)                           Suggested Time- 20 Minutes
Mumu earns more commission than does Muna. But since Noriya earns more commission than does Tahiya, it follows that Mumu earns more commission than does Tahiya. Any of the following, if introduced into the argument as an additional premise, makes the argument logically correct except;

a)  Noriya earns more commission than Mamu.
b)  Muna earns more commission than Tahiya.
c)  Muna earns more commission than Noriya.
d)  Muna and Noriya earn the same amount of commission.
e)  Mumu and Noriya earn the same amount of commission.

Section 3: English-Language & Communications

Marks- 30 (30 Questions)                           Suggested Time- 45 Minutes
       The voters never thought that the candidate would resort to ……….. to win; he seemed to be

…………  man.
a)      charm, an amazingly
b)      bombast, a pompous
c)      innuendo, a devious
d)      subterfuge, an honest
e)      argument, a controversial

Section 4: Analytical Writing (Any 0ne)

Marks- 10 (01 Question)                          Suggested Time- 15 Minutes
       “The best way to preserve the natural environment is to impose penalties-whether fines, imprisonment, or other punishments-on those who are most responsible for polluting or otherwise damaging it.”

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above. Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your experience, observations, or reading.

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