Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BCS Test Written Examination or Preparation

Wrong use of Articles & Sentence Correction 

Inc: Himalayas are in Tibet.
Cor: The Himalayas are in Tibet.
Inc: I was elected the captain.
Cor: I was elected captain.
Inc: Mili worked all day.
Cor: Mili worked all the day.
Inc: I will go to your place in near future.
Cor: I will go to your place in the near future.
Inc: Oranges are sold by dozen.
Cor: Oranges are sold by the dozen.
Inc: Starvation stared us in face.
Cor: Starvation stared us in the face.
Inc: Daily star is a popular daily.
Cor:The  daily Star is a popular daily.
Inc: He tried for third time.
Cor: He tried for the third time.
Inc: Rich are not always happy.
Cor: The rich are not always happy.
Inc:Let’s go out for walk.
Cor:Let’s go out  for a walk.
Inc : I have headache.
Cor: I have a headache
Inc: He is in temper.
Cor:He is in a temper.
Inc: Don’t make noise.
Cor: Don’t make a noise.
Inc : You should not be in hurry.
Cor :You should not be in a hurry.
Inc: They went for picnic.
Inc: He is M.A in English.
Cor:He is an M.A in English.
Inc: This is really unfortunate action.
Cor:This is really an unfortunate action.
Inc: The function came to end.
Cor: The function came to an end.
Inc: It is quarter past six.
Cor: It is a quarter past six.
Inc: The boys made fire.
Cor: The boys made a fire.
Inc: He waited here for hour.
Cor: He waited here for an hour.
Inc: He will give answer to the question
Cor: He will give an answer to the question.
Inc : He is fool/coward.
Cor: He is a fool/coward.
Inc: I have lot of work to do.
Cor:I have a lot of work to do.
Inc: He earns good deal of money.
Cor: He earns a good deal of money.
Inc: The piano is in a good situation.
Cor: The piano is in good situation.
Inc: Don’t make a fun of it.
Cor: Don’t make fun of it.

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