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Cadet College Admission Test Preparation 2015

Cadet College Admission Test Preparation 2015
Tag Questions
1. They are coming, ......?
2. They need not come, ......?
3. There is a problem, ......?
4. He liked me, ......?
5. Nobody came,......?
Articles :
6. Always speak ...... truth.
7. There is ...... ewe.
8. Mr. Borun is ...... European
Choose the best answer :
9. He is callous...... his studies.
a. for b. on c. into d. to
10. She concurs ...... me on my decision.
a. With b. to c. by d. against
11. What prevents scurvy?
a. Vitamin K b. Vitamin C
c. Vitamin A d. Vitamin B
12. I need to colour the door. Where colour is ¡
a. Noun b. Adjective c. Verb d. None of above
13. What is adjective of the word 'Heart'?
a. Heart b. Hearten
c. Heartening
d. Heartful
14. A dog lives in a .....
a. Kennel b. Cage
c. hut d. round
15. It is quarter past time.
a. What time it is?
b. What time is it?
c. What is the time it is?
d. None
16. He is too weak ----
a. He is too weak to walk
b. He is too weak too walk c. He is weak enough to walk
d. None of the above.
17. He ¡ what I said.
a. noted b. took
c. wrote down
d. took down
18. The word didactic means
a. instructive b. dictatorial
c. monotonous
d. brilliant
Translate into English :
19. সে কলেজে যাবার আগেই আমি ঢাকা রওয়ানা হব।
20. বর্ষা আরম্ভ হয়েছে।
answer :
1. aren't they 2. need they 3. isn't there 4. didn't he 5. did they 6. the 7. at 8. a 9. d 10. a 11. b 12. c 13. d 14. a 15. b 16. a 17. d 18. a
19. I shall have started for Dhaka before he goes to college.
20. The rains have set in. ..........................................................................................

Cadet College Admission Test Preparation 2015
Model Test
English Transform the following sentences :
1. Man is mortal. (negative)
Answer : Man is not immortal.
2. I missed the train. (negative)
Answer : I could not catch the train.
3. Jerry was an honest boy. (negative)
Answer : Jerry was not a dishonest boy.
4. Only Allah can help us. (negative)
Answer : None but Allah can help us.
5. Only a rogue can do this. (negative)
Answer : None but a rouge can do this.
6. Jerry was the only boy fit for chopping wood. (negative)
Answer : No other boy that (or but) Jerry was fit for chopping wood.
7. Money alone can save him now. (negative)
Answer : Nothing but money can save him now.
8. I must go there. (negative)
Answer : I cannot but go there.
9. You must tell the truth. (negative)
Answer : You cannot help telling the truth.
10. Every rose has a thorn. (negative)
Answer : There is no rose but has a thorn.
11. Every one will admit this. (negative)
Answer : There is no one but will admit this.
12. Everyone will admit this. (negative)
Answer : No one will deny this.
13. The earth goes round the sun. (interrogative)
Answer : Does not (doesn’t) the earth go round the sun?
14. Time passes very fast. (interrogative)
Answer : Doesn’t time pass very fast?
15. Everybody loves his motherland. (interrogative)
Answer : Who does not love his motherland?
16. Every one wishes to be happy. (interrogative)
Answer : Who does not wish to be happy?
17. Everyone will help me. (interrogative)
Answer : Who will not help me?
18. He is not a great fool. (interrogative)
Answer : Is he a great fool?
19. They could not drink the salty sea water. (interrogative)
Answer : Could they drink the salty sea water?
20. There is no use of this ceremony. (interrogative)
Answer : What’s the use of this ceremony?
21. You are a great fool. (exclamatory)
Answer : What a fool you are!
22. What an idea! (assertive)
Answer : It is a marvelous idea.
23. The rose is very beautiful. (exclamatory)
Answer : How beautiful the rose is!
24. You are very fortunate. (exclamatory)
Answer : How fortunate you are!
25. Dhaka is the biggest city in Bangladesh. (negative)
Answer : No other city in Bangladesh is as big as Dhaka.

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