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221(g) Administrative Processing and the Actual Visa Stamping

On the day of your H-1B Visa Interview at US Consulate or Embassy, when Visa Officer finished asking questions,
he/she will conclude the interview by letting you know whether you
succeed or failed in the interview. If you succeed, there are two cases:
  1. The
    Visa Officer hand over to you a 221(g) Administrative Processing Form
    and say that Administrative Processing is required in your case.

    is possible that the Visa Officer will ask for some more documents
    related to you or your Sponsor, which you and/or your Sponsor has not
    submitted throughout the process. Not that these documents were required
    initially, but they might need them in your case for further
    clarification. It is also possible that they don’t ask for any
    further documents and your application still have to go through the
    Administrative Process.

    The actual amount of wait might also vary
    from case to case. Generally they give you the time of 6 to eight
    weeks, but in actual it can be less or more than.

    “After the
    interview, many visa applications necessitate further routine but
    required administrative processing, an integral part of the visa
    adjudication process that can be neither waived nor expedited.
    Individuals whose applications require this processing will be informed
    of that fact at the conclusion of their interview. Most administrative
    processing is completed within 60 to 90 days of
    the visa interview, but some cases do take longer. We cannot predict how
    long this processing will take for any particular case.”

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  2. The Visa Office will inform you about an estimated time frame when your H-1B Visa will be stamped on your Passport.
either cases, once your H-1B Visa is stamped on your Passport and your
Passport is ready to be collected from American Express, you will
receive a call from American Express representative to come and pick it

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