Tuesday, December 9, 2014

General Knowledge Questions with answers

1    On which river is Tipaimukh where India is going to build a mega dam?

Ans:     Borak river

2    Who is the governor of Bangladesh Bank?   Ans: Dr. Atiur Rahman

3    Who is the foreign minister of Bangladesh cabinet?    Ans: Dipu Moni

4    What is the full expression of BSF?    Ans: Border Security Force

5    Who is the law minister of Bangladesh cabinet?    Ans: Shafique Ahmed.

10    On which river is Kanchpur Bridge built? Ans:    The Shitalakhya

11    What is full expression of BIWTA?  Ans:   Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority

12    At what age Michael Jackson died?    Ans: 50

14    Who is the author of " Samson Agonistes"?  Ans:   John Milton

15    Who is the movelist of " Shesh Proshno"?  Ans:   Sharat Chandra Chottopadhya

16    Which is the highest paper note in our country? Ans:    TK. 1000/-

17    What is the full expression of VAT?   Ans: Value added Tax.

18    Who wrote the novel " Tom Jones"?  Ans:   Henry Fielding

19    Where is the longest road under sea in the world?  Ans:    Japan

20    Where is Hithro Airport?  Ans:   London

21    In which year the first world war started?    Ans: 1914

22    In Which year the second world war started?  Ans:    1939

23    What is the full expression of UNICEF?  Ans:    United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

24    What is the full expression of SAARC?Ans:     South Asian Association for Regional co-operation.

25    How many public medical colleges are there in Bangladesh?   Ans: 14

26    What is the real colour of the sun?   Ans: Pure white

27    What is NASA?  Ans:   National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

28    Which country is called " The Tiger of Bicycle" ?Ans:   Vietnam

29    What is PLO?    Ans: Palestine Liberation Organization

30    Which date has smallest night?    Ans: 21 June

31    Which city is the highest capital in the world?    Ans: Lapaj Bolivia

32    Which is the biggest museum in the world?Ans:     London Museum

33    Who is the first female recipient of Nobel Prize?   Ans: Madam Curry.

34    Which organization gives noble prize?   Ans: Academy for Motion Pictures, Arts and Science

35    Which is the biggest country in South Asia?   Ans: India.

36    Operation Desert Storm is related with-   Ans: 1991 War subMediterranean

37    Who is the "man of the Match" of T-20 world cup 2009?    Ans: Shahid Afridi

38    Which country is known as birth place of democracy? Ans:    Greece

39    What is a Mega City? Ans:    If a city has more than I crore people

40    Which is the longest river in Bangladesh?    Ans: Padma.

41    What is Ishardi 254?   Ans: Locally developed sugar cane

42    Who is the inventor of Bacteria?    Ans: Lewen Hook

43    Which metal is the thinnest?    Ans: Hydrogen.

44    Which is primary colour?    Ans: Green

45    Which is the world's largest poem?    Ans: MohaBharat (3 million words)

46    How many nights are there in " Arabian Nights."  Ans:    1001

47    Who is the creator of the cartoon series "Meena"?Ans:     Mostafa Monowar.

48    Who said " Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise".     Ans: Benjamin Franklin

49    Who wrote " Shadhinota Tumi.?  Ans:   Shamsur Rahman

50    What is the National play of Pakistan?   Ans: Hockey.

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