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IELTS Speaking Test November 2014

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 Questions
What is your full name?
My name is Jorge
Can I see your ID?
Yes, of course, here’s my ID card
Where are you from?
I’m from Brazil
Do you work or study?
I work, I’m a Mechanical Engineer
Why did you choose
this job?
Because I thought it was an interesting
job. I love designing things and knowing how things work and trying to improve
them. The job I have at the moment is in the automotive sector which is great
because I also love cars. So it’s something I really enjoy and it is
challenging work.
What kind of food do
you like?
Really, I like all kinds of food, but I
suppose if I had to choose one type of food rather than another I would go for
chicken, usually with some kind of spicy sauce.
When do you usually
eat this food?
Chicken? Well, I suppose a couple of
times a week at least, although normally in different recipes. So sometimes it
might be roasted, fried or grilled, and with different vegetables accompanying
it, so it’s always interesting.
Let’s talk about the
weather. What is the weather like in your country?
It’s generally warm all year round,
between 18°C and 32°C, and there are two distinct periods or seasons, a dry one
and then the rainy season. The rainy season only lasts for about three months
so it’s quite short, most of the year it’s dry with just some occasional light
What weather do you
like more, hot or cold? Why?
Hot, definitely. I don’t like cold
weather, I think it’s horrible. I think hot, or warm, weather is much better,
everything is easier, you can wear fewer clothes, you don’t have to heat your
house or apartment and it’s much nicer to spend time outside.
Do you think you can
live in extreme hot or extreme cold conditions? Why?
Personally, I wouldn’t really want to
live in either of the extremes, but some people do. There are people who live
in very cold places and others who live in incredibly hot climates. I suppose
they are used to it so they never really think about it much. I prefer when the
climate is comfortable rather than extremely hot or cold. I guess the people
who do live in locations where the climate is extreme do so because that’s
where they were born and it’s normal for them.
IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Questions
Talk about your best
friend at school. Please say:
did you meet him/her?
did you do together?
do you remember him/her?

My best friend at school was a boy called John. We met on the first day at
school because we were in the same class and actually sat together at the same
table in the classroom. We became friends quickly because we were both crazy
about playing soccer, we would play at every opportunity possible, in the
morning break, at lunchtime, after school and also at weekends.

John was the same age as me, and lived only a couple of streets from where I
lived. He was slightly taller than me, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He
was a very happy person and always laughing and joking around – except when he
was playing soccer, then he was very serious about it – really, it was the only
time he wasn’t making other people laugh. He was a very funny person, in fact,
he still is.

I remember John especially because of all the great times we spent together,
mainly playing soccer, but as we grew up we also did other things together and
we were very close until his family moved away to another part of the country.
We’ve kept in touch with each other over the years though and about a year ago
I went to visit him and his family for a couple of days. It was great to catch
up with him and find out what he’s been doing since we last saw each other.
IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Questions
Do you think it is difficult for people
to stay in contact with friends?
No, not really, I mean with all the
technology available today, there’s really no reason to lose contact with
someone unless you really don’t want to stay in touch with that person. Maybe
it isn’t always possible to visit all your friends in person on a regular basis
or as often as you did in the past, but you can send an email, text or
videochat with them as often as you want, it’s easy.
What is the most common
way to communicate with friends?
Generally, I think it’s by texting each
other. It seems to be the most popular way nowadays; it’s easy, instant and in
most cases free. It’s certainly how I keep in touch with most of my friends on
a regular basis. Everyone has a mobile phone so no matter where they are you
can send them a quick text and stay in touch. If they’re busy when they receive
it then they can reply later when they’re free – that’s one of the main reasons
it’s better than actually calling, you never have to worry about if the other
person is occupied when you send them a text.
Why do you think
people might care more about friends than family?
Well, possibly
because for many people it’s their friends that they spend most time with and
share more activities with than with their family.

For example, my family lives in another part of the country, so I don’t see
them very often but I generally see my friends all the time. I share more of my
life with my friends than my family – but I wouldn‘t say I care more about them
than my family, but I do spend more time with them and talk to them more and do
more things with them than I do with my family.

I suppose some people might end up caring more about their friends if they
become more important than their family in their everyday life or if they are
not particularly close with their family.

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