Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ISSB || Day 2 in Details

You have to be very careful at each
and every step of ISSB as you will be constantly monitored- day and night.

day 2 the following tests will take place:

Group Discussion (Bengali and English)

Progressive Group Task (PGT)

Half Group Task (HGT)

Extempore Speech

Individual Obstacle (IO)

Deputy President Viva (DP Viva)

This day will determine your ability
to work in a group. This day is very important. Remember that an army officer
can never work alone. You will have to work with other officers and definitely
with other soldiers. So if you are not able to perform well in a group you will
suffer a lot. Not in just the army but also in other sectors this quality is
really important.

Progressive Group Task:
Your team will be given 4 tasks to do and you will have to do it in 40 minutes.
Listen to the instruction thoroughly and carefully. There are some rules of
completing these tasks. The GTO sir will tell you those.

*Don’t Get Angry While Doing The PGT

*Don’t Shout Unnecessarily.

*Speak Clearly.

*Don’t Stand On One Foot While Standing On The Ground.

*Don’t Put Your Hands On Your Waist While On The Ground.

*Plan Before Making Any Moves.

*Participate In The Planning.

*Participate Physically.

*It Doesn’t Matter If You Can’t Complete All 4 Tasks. It’s Very Difficult To
Finish All Four.

Half Group Task:
After completing PGT your group will be divided into two smaller groups and you
will perform two different tasks. Listen to the brief attentively. The rules
are almost similar to the PGT.

Group Discussion:
After HGT all of the group members will be taken to the group hut and group
discussion will start. Two discussions will take place there. One is in Bangla
and other one is in English.

*speak loud and clearly.

*stop when plane goes over you. Start as soon as the sound fades away.

*sit straight.

*maintain eye contact with your group mates.

*don’t quarrel.

*don’t stop someone in the middle of his speech.

*give everyone chance to speak.

Individual Obstacle:
This task will reflect your individual physical stamina and power. You will
enjoy this task. Listen to the brief. There will be 8 obstacles with different
markings. Total marking will be 50. Time for this will be 2 and a half minute.
You will be able to do bonus after you have overcome all of the 8 obstacles in
time and have a little time left. You will have to do 10~25 pushups after
completing the IO.

*take preparation for this from now.

*jog and run every day.

*practice for pull ups and pushups.

*don’t be afraid.

*don’t get stuck on one obstacle if you are not able to do it. Try another one.

*never say “I can’t do it”

*don’t stop giving pushups until your sir asks you to stop.

Deputy President Viva:
After IO, you will get almost 20 minutes to get to the dormitory, take shower,
get ready and go for the DP viva. Don't be nervous. Don't lie. Don't reveal
your darkest side. Sit straight. Talk clearly. DP sir will ask questions based
on your psychology test and bio data you filled up earlier. A lot of questions
will be regarding your family and relatives. Questions about
girlfriend/boyfriend, sex, adult films will be asked. You will have to handle
the situation boldly without being nervous. On the viva DP sir will give you
some difficult choices. You will have to choose carefully. Be brave. Be ready
for the unexpected question.

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