Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ISSB || DAY 3 in Details

You have to be very careful at each and every step of ISSB
as you will be constantly monitored- day and night.

On day 3 the following tests will
take place:
Planning Exercise (Written & Discussion)
Commanding Task (CT)
Mutual Assessments
Presidential Viva (If not completed in 2nd

          Planning Exercise (Written &
Here you will find a picture (Map) there will have some
problems. You have to find out the one or more problems individually. Then you
also have to make solution of this observing the map/picture. After written
test you will take to discuss with your Groupmats.

          Commanding Task (CT): It
is something like PGT & HGT. Only the different is you have to complete
this task as a commander with two or three coordinators.

It is very easy work. In this task you
have to make an assessment of your group mates with you.

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