Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ISSB: Inter Services Selection Board || In Shortly

ISSB will decide if you are going to be a future proud
officer of Bangladesh Army or not. This whole exam is so scientific that you
will not be able to pass it by lying or cheating. You have to be quick, smart,
sacrificing, honest and all those “Qualities You Must Have” to pass this

ISSB or inter services selection board exam is of four days.
You have to stay at ISSB for maximum four days (if
you don’t get out at the first day) and take part in numerous tests and exams
which will judge you physical and mental abilities. Below is the approximate
routine of these four days in ISSB.


Reporting at 7:30 am: Don’t be late

IQ Test: Non Verbal, Verbal (follow different guide books)

Result: Those who will fail the IQ test will leave ISSB. (Screened out)

PPDT: Picture Perception and Discussion Test (1st: Perception 2nd: Discussion)

Result: Those who will fail PPDT will be screened out.

Psychology Test:

Completing the incomplete sentence

Word Association Test

Story writing

Writing the incomplete bangla or English story

Self criticism

Memorable incident & bitter experience

Paragraph writing: Bangla & English


Progressive group task (PGT)

Half Group Task (HGT)

Group discussion in Bangla and English

Individual Obstacle (IO)

Deputy President Viva (DP viva)


Planning Test: Writing and Discussion

Command Task (CT)

Extempore Speech

Mutual Assessment


Result of ISSB

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