Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Preliminary Viva || Tips For Overcome

After preliminary medical checkup, comes preliminary viva.
It’s a simple part and most probably the easiest part of the selection process.
But still some unfortunate applicants fail to pass this test.

Many people fail this test simply because they are afraid of this viva.
Remember that this viva is nothing.
-A lot of
people don’t get selected because they are very weak in English.
-Some get
out because they try to be over smart.

*Improve your English speaking skills.

*Try to
speak in English with your younger brother and sister.
*You can
also try to practice English in front of the mirror.
you see an interesting thing, make a paragraph in your mind in English about

 *Watch English cartoon or movies.
*Keep an
“English to English” dictionary in your room and use it whenever you come
across a new word.
*You don’t
have to bother about grammar while speaking.

Preli viva can be in both Bangla and
English, be prepared.

Wear formal dress. Some applicants go to the viva board wearing
a half sleeve T-shirt and sandals. This is a Big mistake. Remember that you are
going there for a job interview. You can’t dress up like that. You should wear
a full sleeve shirt and a shoe. Don’t forget to tuck you shirt in your pant.
Don’t make spikes in your hair. Don’t wear a tie on this day. Remember,
first impression is very important.

When entering the room open the door and gently ask something like “May I come in sir?”
Mean ask
for their permission to get in the room. Don’t forget to Salaam or soothing
like that.

Don’t sit on the chair until the sirs (there will be at least 3 respected
officers) ask you to sit. Don’t ask for their permission to sit. They will ask
you to have a seat whenever they wish to.

Sit straight. Don’t put your hands on the handle of the chair. It’s best to
keep your hands over one another.
Speak in a
clear voice and control your temper and emotions. Don’t smile too much. Smiling
a little is good. Look straight at the asker’s eye and don’t look around while

If you are asked questions in English answer them in English. If you are asked
questions in bangle, answer in bangle. No need to be over smart and ruining
your dream.

If you don’t know the answer to any of the questions, clearly say that you
don’t know that answer. There’s nothing wrong if you don’t know the name of the
shortest person in the world.

Behave well and be yourself. Don’t be nervous. Give Salaam on your way out.

everyone’s viva ends the result will be announced immediately.

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