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The Minimum Requirements || Joining any Defence Force

requirements are for the long course officers only. Requirements for the short
course officers are different)

Age: Both male and female candidates must be from 17-21 years.

Minimum Academic Qualification:

1. You have to pass your H.S.C./Equivalent examination.

2. You have to get at least GPA 3 (B)* in both S.S.C. and H.S.C. to apply for
this post.

3. You can be from science, commerce or arts/humanities background.

4. You can be from an English medium college, Bengali medium college or Madras

*Note that the army is not looking for double golden A+ students. If you are
double golden A+ (great student) it’s obviously good for you and it’s a plus
point. But still you might not get the job you don’t meet the other qualities.
So, result in the board exams mean very little to the selectors.

Minimum Physical Qualifications:

Male candidates:

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 45.36 Kg

Chest: 30” normal, 32” extended

Female candidates:

Height: 5’1”

Weight: 40.82 Kg

Chest: 28” normal, 30” extended

All candidates must have good eyesight (6/6) (with/without spectacles)*.

*Note that, you will be selected for
“army” even if you are wearing spectacles of -2.5 power (but not above it).
Make sure that you TAKE your glasses with you on the day of your Preliminary
Viva and Medical checkup.

Marital Status: You must be unmarried.

You Will Not Get Selected If:-

No vital organs must be missing from the body. You can’t have knock knee or
flat foot. Your palms and foot must not sweat too much (makes it difficult to
climb ropes and fire rifles). You will not be selected if previously you were
sacked from a government job. If you appeared in ISSB 2 times and failed, you
will not be selected (but if you were rejected once and screened out once, then
you can apply for one last time). You will not get selected if you were found
guilty (legally) by the judge previously in any case.

Qualities You Must Have

As you are here, I’ll take it for granted that you have the proper
determination to join the Bangladesh Army and you fulfill the minimum requirements.

The army
is not looking for an “Extraordinary” person. They are looking for a person who
is “Normal”. You will not be able to join the army if you are too good or bad.
There are some qualities that one must have to join the army written them

1. Positiveness

2. Honesty

3. Patriotism

4. Strong personality

5. Adequate intelligence

6. Courage

7. Integrity

8. Sacrificing tendency

9. Sense of honor and pride

If you have these 9 qualities and if you can balance them properly, I don’t
think that you will have any significant problems getting in the army. If you
can balance these qualities then you are (or you will be) a good leader, a good
speaker and not a bad person*. Do you have these qualities? If you don’t,
please don’t be disheartened. Start practicing them now. Maybe you can develop
these qualities. Even if you don’t get commission in the army, these things
will make you a better person and that’s worth a try.

BMA Honor Code: A gentleman cadet
will never lie, cheat or steal.

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