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The Selection Process || At Army,Navy,Airforce

selection process of an army officer is very sophisticated. But the good thing
about it is there is no fixed number of “seats”. That’s why if you can fulfill
the requirements you will get selected for sure. It has four stages or steps
& pointed them down in brief.

1. First Step: Preliminary

This is the first process of elimination/selection. Preliminary has two parts.
One is preliminary medical checkup and the other is preliminary viva. This Preliminary
shouldn’t be a headache to you. If you fulfill the minimum physical
requirements you will pass the Preliminary medical checkup. And with a little
smartness and good behavior you will also pass the Preliminary viva.

2. Second Step:

Written Examination:

There are four subjects in this written exam: Bengali, English, Math, General
Knowledge. Each subject is worth 50 numbers and one has to get 20 on each
subject to pass the exam. Adequate preparation is needed. About 1200-1500*
applicants will pass this exam.

3. Third Step:

Inter Services
Selection Board Examination:

After passing the written exams you will be allowed to face the Inter Services
Selection Board or ISSB. By far this is the toughest and coolest examination
that I know of. You have to stay at ISSB for four days (maximum; if you don’t
get screened out the first day) and take part in various tests (IQ, Discussion,
Physical, Psychology etc). This exam is designed to “figure you out”. ISSB will
decide if you are fit to be an Army Officer or not. About 120-220* applicants
Read more about the ISSB Examination.

4. Fourth Step:

Final Medical

This medical checkup is more thorough. Almost everyone (except some) will pass
this exam. About 110-200* applicants will pass this checkup and will be aligible
to go to BMA as a Cadet.

If you can pass all this steps/exams, you will be invited to join BMA
(Bangladesh Military Academy) and you will have the golden ticket in your hand
of becoming a military officer.

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