Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Steps of BMA || In Shortly with Flowchart

The life of a cadet (you will be called a Cadet in training
period) is very hard. Mind it that according to toughness Bangladesh Military
Academy (BMA) is at number two position (first one is PMA). So to just survive
the two year long training period you have to be strong- yes, of course
“Physically”, but most importantly 
“mentally” . You can be the fittest person of the world but still you
will not be able to complete the training if you are mentally weak.

Can you do
200 consecutive push-ups?

Can you do 200 consecutive sit-ups?

Can you run 16 miles or more in one go?
Maybe a
few of you can. But sure that most of you can’t and that’s fully natural. But
if you have the proper mind set, you will eventually be able to do it, like all
other mentally fit cadets.

Preliminary examination
holds on a definite day and time. This examination has two parts. First part is
medical test and second part is the VIVA. Medical test is very simple. Only
wet, height, flat foot and knocking of knees are checking at this stage. Result
of this examination should be given after sometime of testing. At a result who
will Unfit they could not give the next parts of examination & who will fit
they will seat for VIVA test at the same day. Here candidates will be asking for
some simple questions and about his personal information. Result of this test
will declare on that day of examination. The result is Allowed/ Not Allowed.
The candidates who will be allowed they will able to seat for the written

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