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U.K Student Visa Interview Questions And Answers

After you have submitted your visa application you will get an interview letter or telephone call from one of the U.K embassy in your country I am assuming your home country is Pakistan because this information is based on my personal experience and feedback from friends those applied for student visa and had been succeed.

Please read all the questions and answers and write them on a copy and edit with your situation its not necessary that all the questions will be hundred percent will asked in same manners and same formation but after learning this questions and answers you will have clear scenario of a typical Interview for U.K student Visa.

Interview for the student visa of UK

Do you need interpreter?
No Thanks
Are you ready for interview?
Yes Off course

Why did you choose this institute and how did you find about it?
The institute is providing one of the best courses in UK and its fee is reasonable, complete study atmosphere and specially its staff that is highly qualified. After surfing the net and consult with different consultants I chose this college for my studies.

Why did you select this course? Is it relevant to your previous studies?
This course will lead me towards the best opportunities of my life I mean to achieve my goals in life. Yes this course is exactly related to my previous studies.

Can you tell me the location of the university/college?
Yes.. Tell the full address of your university/college

Why did you select UK for higher studies? Isn't this course offered by any university or college in Pakistan?
UK education system is one of the best across the globe. UK education system has high influence in our education system. We are far behind in research and advancement in any field of life especially in education. Second we find complete study atmosphere in UK, which is not available in Pakistan.

What if you get a UK degree here, would you like to go to UK again for higher Studies?
Even then I will go to UK because of standard of education and complete study atmosphere and the multicultural learning experience.

What course are you going for?
Tell the course name and you should have remembered the subjects in the course too his/her second question may be about the course subjects.

What is the scope of your course?
The course I chose will open new horizons for me and there are high job prospects in multinational firms at local and international level and after i will achieved this degree it will give me great satisfaction in my educational life and enhanced my career.

Why are you taking this course?
Because this course is exactly related to my previous studies/ Experience

What is the course structure?
Tell the course subjects modules and semester all this information comes in the prospectus of your applied university/college so read the prospectus and memorized the subject and all the related information for your course

What are the course contents?
same question and almost the same answer as mentioned above.

Do you intend to work in UK after completion of your studies?
I am intending to join further education after this course
Note: if you got admission in B.S.c or equivalent programme then you can go further for masters programme and if the course is master then you can say whatever the further course mentioned in the prospects or you could say I would like to come back and work in my home country.

What do you intend to you after completion of your studies?
I will come back and will join any multinational firm
or start my own business.

What is you future plans?
To join any multinational firm or start my own business or further education

What benefit will bring this course to you?
After completion of this course, I will come back and join any reputed firm, which offer attractive packages. I will be leading in big job market, I am sure I will get an excellent job in any reputed firm otherwise I will start my own business.

How much money can you earn after your completion of studies?
30000-35000 per month approximately.

Where will you stay in UK?
I will stay in university/college hostel
Note: You should have got a letter from the university/college to address that they have hostel or private accommodation service.

Who is your sponsor?

You may sponsor yourself or a attested letter from your parents/uncle/aunt or any person who is providing the financial support for your education

What proof do you have that your sponsor can support your studies?
It is the bank statement of your sponsor showing enough money in it such as 25-30 lack PAK rupees or equivalent to £20000-£30000.

Source of income of your sponsor?
The letter from the chamber of commerce that your sponsor got a company listed in the country or letter showing that he has a excellent job and earring its better to use a business company letter.

How are you related to him?

Your relationship to sponsor such this relation could be father/uncle/aunt/brother/
uncle can be from parental side of family or maternal side of the family.
How many people are his/her dependents?
Such as he/she got son/ daughter etc.
Note: if he/she got dependents you should prove that he/she can afford you with the dependents

Why is he sponsoring you? (if not father)

If he/she uncle or aunt from parental side or maternal side you should explain why he/she willing to sponsor such as your father or mother was so closed with your sponsor and they helped him/her when he/she was young and trying to establish business or you could say after your completion of degree you will be working with him/or her to take the business for next level by your new skills and expertise which you will get in U.K by studding.

Do you have any relative or friend in UK?
Yes if you have any one in U.K but better say Not really

What does your father do?
Tell him/her whatever is your father occupation
Note: if your father doing better job or business than your sponsor they can ask you why not your father sponsoring for your study......

How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Tell them about your brother/sister
Note: if it seems your family has too many people and no very established it my affect your case so explain them they have finished their studies and they are married and living with their family and doing job or business and they are well settled (if you have brother and sister elder then you if they are younger then you could tell about the education whatever they doing.

What is the course commencement date?
You should know about the course starting date and you should have enough time to join the course if not then a letter from the university/college that you can join th later semester if you miss this one.

What will be the total cost of per year?
The tuition fee and approximate living expenses this information written in the admission letter which you got from the university/college

What will you do during the off period/semester?
I will come back to see my family and friends

How much money is available for your stay in UK?
You should know the amount on the bank statement of your sponsor so you could tell how much money you have for your education.

Have you researched your career prospects?
Off course. I have planned to choose any reputed multinational firm where I could learn more and more. Second at that time possibly there will be competition in jobs, if I fail to get any good job then I have plan to start my own business.

this answer should match your previous answers

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